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Every soul has a song. Every person has a story. They were shackled to chains, and their voices dampened.

Their whispers went unheard; Until now.

Based on first-hand accounts, the emotional drama balances easily with the excitement of ingenious escape attempts and hilarious antics of comrades behind bars.

Clarence Dunhill was an associate to some of the most infamous criminals ever to dwell in the shadows of Alcatraz. A brilliant and thoughtful student of the law, he guided and represented numerous inmates, providing

relief in the court systems and compassion as an assistant in the prison hospital.

Clarence is our eyes and ears to capture and explore the living conditions and personal motivations of his incarcerated brethren as they worked towards change in an oppressive system.

Though his name may be a pseudonym, Clarence's story is not. Neither are the stories he gathers of his fellow inmates. They are the cries of the oppressed.